Tuesday, 16 September 2014


My days are mostly now spent going from rehearsals to the playground and workouts to teaching, a lot of running from here to there. I'm once again in the state where I feel I almost never have the time to actually wear anything properly. Also, add some puffiness that you might feel every now and then due to different reasons and the result is it would be the smartest to, and you only feel like, going out in gym- or yoga pants.

Which I've done.

But as said before, you can get away with quite a lot if what you wear on top is something totally different and alright. Quite suitably for this fall I picked up a vintage Pendleton jacket (from Red Diva Vintage). So I roll up the edges on the pants and pop on a pair of heels (or, pretty flats, which I know own -heels don't appreciate the soggy or dusty playground sand) to go and no one will ever know. Well, except for now of course.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


 We had a Firday night off! And totally luxury nowadays is not tikidrinks at the dance floor but the joy of having gotten some jobs done, and not having to do anything in particular for one night.
Went out to the countryside and lit all cadres and lights in the early autumn night.

Rolled my hair for next day (you just can't have that many days or nights off in a row...). I have found that these - the Rockin' Rollers - are the best ones for me to use when rolling my hair the night before. They are soft and easy to sleep on.

 Spa'd it up with some candles int he bathroom.

Made a fruit salad. (I had some chocolate too but that was eaten already by the time of this picture).

 And got to try out these bath truffles I got from Estonian natural cosmetics brand Joik. The good thing with oils and cocoa butter in your bath is you don't get dry afterwards at all.
But you kind of wish you could eat these, right? They look so yummy!

nd then finally time for a bath! I'm happy to have a tub but turns out it's the boys and all their toys that are using this more than I am! But tonight I had it all for myself, no Dag and rubber duckies (and toddler piss) in it. Friday night bliss.

Friday, 12 September 2014


People in and around or coming to Helsinki! Book your calendars for November 8  & 29 as our spectacular spectacle of glitter and dance and burlesque and live rock n'roll will take place then at Allotria Saturday night club:

We're doing another collaboration show with cabaret loving rockabilly band Sweet Jeena & Her Sweethearts this fall, a two-hour revue of crazy and fabulous; Spectac-O-Rama. On stage also queerly fab Mia Li Moon and our highly popular performing student troupe The Shangri-La Showgiris!
You can check the Facebook event for more info, we'll update it all fall: Spectacorama on Facebook.

The poster is made by me, inspired by and old Vegas travel ad.

And as we are on it with the BurlyQ, it's time to end and announce the Paljettipommi-zine giveaway:
Total randomness landed on commenter no9, Talvikettu, who'll receive an email from me soon!